Chess 2012 Free Edition 2020.10

Simulated board game with AI opponents of different difficulties

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    Checkers & Chess

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 10

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    7.2 (200)

Software engineer, Filip Höfer, has developed and produced Chess 2012, a feature-rich application of the classic game named for the year he published this software. With six levels of difficulty in the free version and multi-threaded artificial intelligence, this intuitive software application has a great deal to offer players of all skill levels. The visual styles include high resolution graphics attractive on both large or small screens alike.

The Game for Everyone

Chess 2012 provides the perfect laboratory for learning this game of kings. The level of difficulty against the computer is up to the user, unlike some other chess game applications. From beginner to expert, it is man against machine with the advantage of being able to go back on moves already completed or keep those moves by going forward again.

Competition Board with Benefits

Board rows, or ranks, are identified with numbers 1 to 8 up the side of the grid, and the columns, or files, are lettered “a” through “h” across the bottom of the grid. To the right of the board the program tracks history of moves, clocks the time for each move and expresses evaluations. This is also where the handy back button is situated.

A Worthy Opponent

Filip Hofer has designed the artificial intelligence from an algorithm that makes use of multiple processor cores thus speeding up the time it takes for your opponent, the computer, to calculate next moves. The finesse with which the program is able to calculate moves at the most difficult levels take a mere fraction of a second on modern processors.

For beginners learning the game, the highlight feature displays target landings for a selected piece that is clicked on. The game is complete with game rules and help features that open an explicit webpage that is full of useful information, including the rules governing how each piece is allowed to move on the board.


For a clean interface uncluttered by advertisements or spam, Chess 2012 is an elegantly functioning game with no limitation of use. In other words, there is no trial period. Upgrading unlocks a number of features, including more challenging levels. However, for a smart, attractive game application that is ready to go with Queens on their colors upon opening up the program, it is tough to beat this one for getting down to the business of real chess play.


  • High-quality, well-thought out graphic design
  • Simple execution and movement means game play is ready and waiting or you to make the first move
  • Six different options of difficulty of play
  • Windows 8 ready
  • Move highlighting
  • Evaluation of positions
  • Timed games


  • Limited features although they are included in the interface options and activated upon upgrade

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